Q.  What type and size potato should I use for Spring Potato?
A.  You can use any size of potato which is available the end product will the same.

Q.  What would be the size of skewer that can be used in Spring Potato machine ?
A.  The Spring Potato machine is specially designed for rounded fine Quality of bamboo skewers Strong and Durable. Good Quality with very smooth surface uniform length and Diameter is 35 Cms & 6mm matured bamboo.

Q.  What kind of oil must be used to fry ?
A.  Refined oil is genuinely recommended which will be available at stores.

Q.  Must the complete skewer be dipped in the oil ?
A.  Yes, place it horizontally in fryer see that its completely dipped so that it can cooked on all sides.

Q.  How can I take off the Spring Potato once cooked in oil?
A.  You can use a pair of Barbecue tongs made of stainless steel which can be easily Griped as in same manner as          you do for hot dogs.

Q.  What’s the Spring Potato Machine’s Warranty ?
A.  Its a heavy duty machine.The machne carries 1year warraty.

Q.  Do you want to monopolize Spring Potato from a kiosk?
A.  We invite all Snack bars, Fast food kiosks and Mobile food vendors interested in this great franchise opportunity and         anyone interested in making the Spring Potato concept available at Events.

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