over three decades of expretise in making airconditioning & refrigeration systems& food machines observed the fast changing scenario in the world about the incredible opportunity that awaits in the field of food vending and kiosk business and ventured into franchising these successful concepts across world. We have been supporting entrepreneurs and institutions who wish to set up their own chain of snack food and kiosk vending business.

Why start spring potato Bussiness
Rapid growth of posh-malls,cinema halls, multiplexes, super and hyper markets, hospitals, colleges, dense traffic locations and the like have resulted in the growth of food vending/kiosk bussiness. such a bussiness has become popular world over.

The Benefits
1.High and residual income for low investment
2.Any category of people can start and be benefited with immediate cash flow.
3.No need for advertising nor franchisee fee or royalty be paid.
4.In many case studies,it proved that no technical or selling experience is required.products sell themselves.
5.The bussiness is cyclic and auto repeat in nature
6.Return on investment are achieved with in few months of start.

Our support
Once you decide to start your bussiness on your own,we lend accurate guidance to you on:
1.Location and market study.
2.Procurement of equipment.
3.Training and assistance in all areas of bussiness operation.
4.Accessibility to product formulae,outsourcing rawmaterial and initial inventory.
5.Feasible project reports
6.Branding elements such as elegant posters,sign boards,dress codes and the like.
7.Constant flow of new ideas and concepts from our R&D wing in finding new avenues etc.

With new look,exquisite design and aesthetic appeal,we make and market innovative foodvending/kiosk with ex-factory best competitive prices.